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Ivana is amazing at what she does. She has an incredible gift for mentoring. I am a big fan of hers ever since I had the greatest experience having her as my teacher back in 2018 at an English Language learning institution at the time.

I am so glad she now has her own tutoring services. She is amazing at helping build one's self-esteem and keeping the mentoring process fun, engaging, and very productive. She helped me with both my writing and speaking skills. I have improved my English a lot and gained so much confidence!

Thank you for all we've done together. I strongly recommend Heart of Learning.

- Thiago Moura

Ivana is an excellent tutor. Her teaching methods are very clear and concise. She gives you thoughtful content to practice the English language that challenges and is engaging and relevant. She paces the class just right so that you feel challenged but not overwhelmed.

Ivana is extremely knowledgeable and I really appreciate that our classes are directed towards my specific areas of improvement.

I would highly recommend her without hesitation.

- Doris Cantelmi

I really loved having classes with Ivana. Her style is modern and dynamic; you are not bored in class. She is very well-organized with themes and activities, focused on goals and purposes. Everyone who gets the chance to have a class with her will be fortunate; you will love her a teacher and a person.

- Katherin Paola Ruiz Duran

Ivana is an amazing teacher. She is an expert by engaging her students, motivating them to achieve better things not only within the classroom walls but also in their lives. Her class dynamic helped the way in which students can learn and also enjoy each class. She goes one step further to make sure everyone is understands the topic, clarifying any doubts. She also increases their participation and therefore also their will to keep learning. I can say I was lucky to have her as my teacher.

- Cesar Omar Zuniga Amador

Ivana was amazing teacher because she explained the theory and content of each given subject in a way that was practical, easy to follow, and therefore easy to understand;. Something that was very important to me as an ESL student was that the time flew in Ivana’s class. She delivered it in an insightful and humorous way; though some teachers can be monotone in their delivery, she genuinely shows interest in the subject and takes an individualistic approach to teaching, taking the time to always ask me how I was doing and if I understood. I looked forward to Ivana’s classes and would again if she was my teacher.

- Mariana Tibery

Ivana has been an excellent support for me in expanding my communication skills, essay writing skills, and enhancing my vocabulary. While maintaining a positive and calm approach, she has been very helpful and knowledgable. Ivana has assisted me with how to properly structure an essay, properly cite gathered information, and improve my grammar and punctuation. She has encouraged and guided me throughout my success. Ivana doesn’t make you feel like you are rushed and really takes her time to make you feel like you understand. Highly recommend this knowledgable and kind-hearted tutor who loves helping others succeed. 

- Marissa Anderson

Ivana has been one of the most successful teachers I have seen during my studies abroad. She is always a helpful and friendly teacher and advisor. I am glad to have met her in my first year in Canada as she made me gain wonderful perspectives of the education system and job market in North America.

- Mehmet Onur Bilgin

Ivana is definitely one of my unforgettable teachers. She is bold, sharp and very intelligent. She has taught us subjects with charisma, creativity, and love. Using these tools from her classes, she has awakened intrinsic values in her students and put them to work as in real life. I admire her infinitely. I hope to find her again, learn new skills, and share some experiments from both careers. Thank you so much for making me a better professional, Ivana. You are awesome!

- Eduardo Hagenbeck

I have been taking classes with Ivana for Business English writing and oral presentation. English is not my native language and having Ivana to guide me has helped me to become more confident at work and have a better understanding of the Canadian workplace. I can now send professional e-mails and perform presentations to coworkers with ease. Ivana's personal touch and work plan suited my needs exactly as she focused on topics and challenges that were important for me.

I am glad I had the chance to take Ivana's classes and recommend her services to anyone who wishes to take their English skills to the next level along with an amazing teacher.

- Cristina Valdivia

Ivana is certainly one of the greatest, most kind and fun teacher I've ever met! She is good not only at teaching English and foreign cultures but also at socializing with students who tend to be very shy by bringing out the best in them. When I wanted to get extra practice in English, she was always happy to help me and even made handouts of idiomatic expressions exclusively for me. We would have two-hour tutoring sessions outside of the curriculum itself. I am sure you will not regret having her as your tutor.

- Shintaro Nakamura

Ivana was very confident in front of students. Her confidence was contagious in a way where it inspired female students in my class to be the same. Her way of relationship building is great because she spent time communicating with us outside of class time.

- Kousuke Toyota

Ivana is a wonderful teacher and a great listener. I personally think this is a unique asset that helps create personal connections. She is able to provide students with the knowledge they need to overcome challenges they could face in work environments. This is the commitment and support Ivana gives in every course. It was a pleasure to have her as my teacher.

- Horacio Sotelo

I have been attending one-on-one classes with Ivana, and it has been both pleasant and fulfilling for my purpose of keeping my English fluency alive. Her energy and disposition in teaching set her apart from other teachers; besides the perfect, I emphasize, PERFECT pronunciation. I can see my progress every week since she makes me speak significantly during the classes and assigns me written tasks for homework.

I am extremely satisfied with my choice. Totally recommend her.

- Dalton Dallazem

Ivana is one of my best teachers and a great friend as well! We met each other during an English camp and I learned countless things from her. I remember her making classes fun for students with quizzes, videos, and more! My classmates and I especially felt that she loved teaching. 

- Haruna Nagaoka

She is an amazing teacher; the way she teaches is didactic and really useful. She is a great human being and an excellent professional.

- Valentina Agudelo Mesa

It is with great pleasure to personally recommend Ivana. Being her student is one of my treasured experiences during my studies. She was loved by all of my classmates. I can assure you that Ivana is an outstanding teacher.

- Cheng Peng

Ivana is a really dedicated teacher with amazing knowledge and skills to educate students. She will always push and motivate you to learn with her outstanding teaching style. She is an amazing person who always creates a positive relationship with her students!

- Mayron Felipe

Ivana is an amazing teacher. I have no doubts that she will achieve excellence in any professional field that she wants to pursue. She teaches with passion and is a real inspiration to her students. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to attend her classes.

- Nathalia Ronza Carvalho

Ivana has been a great help in assisting me with my Bachelor’s thesis. I am not a native English speaker, so writing an entire dissertation paper in the language most definitely posed a challenge for me. It found it especially difficult to feel confident in what I’ve written since I was expecting many grammar and syntax mistakes.

This took quite a turn when I had Ivana guide me through the process. With her help, I was able to gain back my confidence and both understand and correct the mistakes I had made. She was very understanding and patient; what I loved most was that she paid great attention to every single detail and consistently provided constructive feedback.

I really do believe having a good tutor is a necessity and I am so thankful that I’ve found Ivana. I heartily recommend her and her highly professional services!

- Bojana Simicevic

Parent reviews

With three young and very active children, I was drowning in homeschooling. I looked to various areas of support including well established tutoring companies within the community that were highly recommended. It was always the same struggle to engage and motivate my kids.

Miss Ivana (as our family came to affectionately call her) came into our lives and for the first time, my 5-year-old twins were counting down the minutes for school with her to start. Miss Ivana is professional, prepared and knowledgeable. She easily adapted to different learning styles and engaged my kids in a way that made them feel important and part of the learning process.

She was able to cover all areas of instruction that I wanted to see incorporated into the children's learning including reading, writing and math. She planned her lessons in a fun and interactive way and always came well prepared with various materials and unique educational games or activities. There was no challenge or obstacle that she was not able to overcome. 

Our kids came to trust and respect Miss Ivana and I was able to see the engagement process unfold. We hope to have Miss Ivana supporting our children's educational journey for many years to come. 

- Kina Lindros

My daughter has experienced great improvements in expressing herself without being shy, which has been an issue even at school. Mila loves Ivana and looks forward to their learning time together as this represents a treat.

Ivana’s approach is amazing from the way she communicates with Mila to the types of activities she gets her engaged with, which is all done in a fun way where she allows the child to always express their feelings.

- Patricia Goldman-Sable

Ivana Kovacevic, Founder and Teacher of Heart of Learning, has been tutoring our two daughters for quite some time. She works with them on science, math, reading, geography and writing. She shows up on time every day, four times a week, and the girls are eagerly awaiting her arrival every morning. They have so much fun, they don’t even realize they are working! She has taught them in various formats, from homeschooling, to one on one, to group classes, and Zoom sessions. She approaches each experience with thoughtfulness and enthusiasm.

What sets her apart from other teachers in the industry is her positive and infectious energy and her ability to put the child’s needs first. She engages them in a way that brings out their best qualities and makes them intrinsically motivated to learn. The girls are always eager to show off their math, writing, and new reading skills. After each session, she takes the time to log their session with information, photos, and worksheets.

Miss Ivana is truly the best!

- Richard and Rana Florida

My daughter has had a great time working with Ivana. She needed help in Language Arts, specifically writing, and Ivana has been very helpful. What i like is that she always has a lesson plan and also provides a summary after each session so I‘m aware of their progress. I've also had Ivana tutor my high-school age daughter and she was able to interact with them in a different way, matching the child's age/demeanour. This was really helpful as my two kids are polar opposites in terms of how they learn. I'm glad she didn't have a one-size fits all approach.

So far, the lessons have showed very good progress. She truly cares and isn't in it for the money (in fact, she told me to stop tutoring in one area for my older daughter as she didn't need it anymore - even though I was insisting). After spending time with her, Ivana told me she was on track and that the essay grades were more or less subjective.

I would recommend Ivana to anyone out there.

- Amit Patel

Ivana provides tutoring services to my child who is a senior in high school. She assists him with all of his academic needs with a focus on English, public speaking, and academic coaching to prepare him for post-secondary education. Ivana understands the importance of him getting good marks to get into the best school of his choice.

With Ivana’s help, my son’s English grade has increased by 20%, now averaging at 90%. He has become more organized, pays more attention to the early completion of projects and assignments, and the quality of his work has improved. The qualities that set Ivana apart from other tutors we had in the past are her ability to connect with my child on a personal level, early identification of academic needs and areas to focus on, and regular touch points with me as the parent to provide updates on progress.

Ivana has definitely made a huge positive impact on my child’s educational achievements.  

- Mary Joy Benito

I would like to recommend Ivana as a potential tutor for your child. She is an amazing teacher who is able to build very good relationships with her students. Ivana has assisted my daughter who is in Grade 12 with both her English and Jewish Studies course.

Ivana is a very accommodating, responsible, pleasant, and professional teacher who has helped my daughter with her assignments and deadline achievements. 

Thank you, Ivana!

- Victoria Tsiganok

Ivana has been tutoring my kids in the following subject areas: math, reading, writing, history, and geography. She has taught both my children in-person, online and in-home and has ensured they did not fall behind during COVID.

Ivana has a natural connection with my kids; she makes learning fun which means they do not view their sessions as “extra work”. My son is interested in history and geography, but was not getting enough of those subjects at school. Ivana was able to combine reading and writing (areas he needed to work on) with his love of history and geography, fuelling his passion and, thankfully, improving his writing skills.

My daughter looks forward to her weekly sessions with Ivana and I have noticed an overall improvement in her reading, comprehension, and self-expression.

I think the one-on-one, customized attention she provides has been an important part of their school success.

- Rochelle de Goias Jackman

Kyle has been taking Grade 9 writing and reading comprehension lessons with Ivana for about two months now and we have been very pleased with the tutoring sessions. Kyle enjoys Ivana's lessons and says she was very understanding and patient with him while helping break down his thinking and improving his academic skills. Ivana is very personable with her students, which I see makes Kyle more confident with learning.

Also being tutored by one of Ivana’s math tutors has helped Kyle improve, despite the short time they had together. I 100% recommend Heart of Learning for their ability to hear out the needs of the families they work with, to find the strengths and weaknesses of their students, and to customize their lessons weekly to help students succeed.

- The Ibarrientos Family

It is our pleasure to recommend Ivana to anyone interested in bringing their child up to speed. Ivana has been working with our daughter who is in Grade 1 with literacy (reading & writing) and math (addition, subtraction, word problems & graphs).

We appreciate the way she communicates with our daughter. She is always positive, patient, and encourages her to think for herself. Her amazing attitude sets an example for our daughter.

- Ali Sahinbas

I am especially grateful for Ivana’s tutoring services as the sessions have been useful in implementing both routine and organization within the academic experiences of my two sons.

Ivana provides constructive feedback and a detailed summary of the work done after each class as well as a perspective into the skills honed during the lessons.

Ivana’s tutoring has helped my son who is a high school junior preparing for the AP English Literature Exam. She helps him understand where he stands and what material still needs to be practiced for the exam.

I like that she gives weekly work to be completed independently as well. She is also working with my younger son in 7th grade with his ELA skills and relates well with both of them. She is flexible with scheduling which has been very helpful too.

- Deepa

We started to work with Ivana in case the schools close down. I wanted my SK son to have a tutor to be ready for Grade 1 next year. Even once schools opened up again, we never stopped working with Ivana. She is a great teacher! Very dedicated, always smiling, always positive, and very patient.

Derin loves her classes to a point that two weeks ago when I told him last minute we won’t see Ivana that day, he started to cry! When I see all the work they’ve done, I’m amazed when he says her classes are fun.

I like that I get a feedback email after each session with all the work they have done attached. What more can I ask for? Though Ivana is my son’s first tutor, I had so many of them myself when I was a student and Ivana is by far the best one I’ve ever met.

Derin is lucky to have her!

- Defne Alphan



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