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Teacher Training

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Catered to...

Aspiring educators looking for resources & suggestions on how they can develop classroom management techniques, create engaging lesson plans, as well as create a healthy relationship with their students.

Current educators looking for PD opportunities on how they can brush up their classroom management techniques, reflect on their practices, and adapt their teaching methods to adapt to modern practices.

For aspiring teachers, we offer:
    • sessions to provide guidance and support throughout your university/college application process
    • assistance with your lesson plans
    • assessments of your mock lessons
    • tips & tricks on how to
      maintain student engagement
    • ongoing mentorship
    For current teachers, we offer:
      • class observations for
        quality assurance 
      • constructive feedback on
        teaching methodologies
      • assessment of strengths
        & areas of improvement
      • innovative resources for
        student engagement
      • techniques for online instruction