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This 19-page bundle includes a wide variety of heartfelt, Valentine's Day-themed activities for young learners to be completed both independently and with others.

It includes entertaining tasks that draw on socio-emotional pillars within these age groups including empathy, self-awareness, social awareness, decision-making, and more.



February is an important month in North America because it signifies the accomplishments, stories, and experiences of Black leaders, academics, humanitarians, inventors, and communities that have shaped our culture.

This bundle was created to shed further light on 10 inspiring inventors between the early 1800s and early 2000s in the United States. It provides students with the opportunity to understand practices of segregation and how they impacted African Americans on a larger scale throughout history. It also encourages them to think critically about their status in society in relation to these remarkable figures as they explore thought-provoking discussion questions and writing prompts.

In today’s day and age, it couldn’t be more crucial to diversify our teaching content.



This is a fun bundle for students in Grades 1 through 3. Some of the tasks can also be used for Kindergarten students depending on their level!

Using this holiday-themed baking bundle, they will get the opportunity to:

  • learn how to write shopping lists
  • create their own apple pie recipe
  • work on their creative writing
  • sharpen their reading comprehension skills
  • work on double-digit math problems
  • solve hints
  • improve their understanding of rhyming
  • get access to engaging tasks involving cutting, pasting, tracing, and drawing

I love this bundle because it allows for growth in almost every area of academics while encouraging the student to still have fun along the way.




This bundle includes 9 worksheets that can be used on their own or can be complementary to an overarching lesson plan on the topic of gardening.

Students will ...

  • differentiate comparison words representing size
  • trace for letter formation improvements
  • print for spelling improvements
  • develop their fine motor skills
  • practice creating a list of items
  • work on addition & subtraction word problems
  • practice drawing & mirroring
  • understand common vocabulary terms of items utilized for gardening
  • match words with corresponding illustrations
  • recognize missing phonetic sounds

Before assigning these worksheets, ELA teachers are encouraged to read a storybook related to the topic of gardening, flowers, and/or vegetables and fruits. Follow-up activities can include garden-themed math equations and pattern identification using any gardening items the students have learned about.



This wonderful themed K to Grade 3 ELA bundles includes worksheets on:

  • reading comprehension
  • letter identification
  • tracing
  • spelling
  • rhyming
  • synonyms

AND a bonus of:

  • 1 reading
  • 2 writing prompts
  • multiple coloring templates
  • extra handwriting paper

Students also get the chance to work on their fine motor skill development through a cut & paste activity. If you wish to engage your students with a variety of activities and topics that encourage creativity while staying on theme, this is perfect for you!



I have created this bundle to engage young learners as they continue to develop and eventually nourish a love for creative writing and self-expression.

This resource includes 20 different, Christmas-themed writing prompts, each with a corresponding coloring template to make their learning experience fun and vibrant! You will also find and photocopy the additional handwriting page on page 22 in case they are feeling extra inspired and need some more space.

Those in pre-k and kindergarten are encouraged to explore a response on their own and then, with the help of an adult, trace the sentence(s) they verbalized.



Well-needed for youth in today's day and age, this bundle was created to empower adolescents to see themselves as unique, purposeful, and exemplary.

Its content focuses on how social media can impact our sense of worth and well-being if not utilized in healthy ways.

Through different forms of internalizing and executing knowledge, students will get the chance to reflect on their own notion of self-love and self-concept as well as that of others in their classroom through anonymous submissions.

In this 2022 Digital World, our students must come to know the precautions of utilizing social media and also understand how it can be used to benefit them.