Educational Service


How do you operate? 

I am an independent teacher working alongside other tutors. We are not classified as a tutoring agency, but a small business offering educational services.

Is there a trial available?

Yes! Before you decide to purchase a service of your choice, if you are interested, you will be provided with a 30-minute trial lesson. This is used as a meet and greet opportunity and a time to assess the student's needs and learning style to best address areas for improvement.

What are
"Student Success Coaches"?

Student Success Coaches are specialized tutors that have mastered their field of study. They undergo an interview process with me, are given a contract, and are monitored and supported throughout. They help lead students to success using personalized teaching strategies and extensive support.

Do you follow health & safety protocols?

Absolutely; all of our student success coaches conducting sessions in-person are required to wear a face covering, maintain a safe distance, and have a bottle of hand sanitizer made readily available.

What are my payment options?

Services vary in price depending on numerous factors and are purchased upfront through either PayPal or Interac e-Transfer. Special promotions, including flash sales, are to be purchased directly through our website. Students will receive an instant invoice upon their purchase.

What is your cancellation policy?

Should you be unable to attend a scheduled session, you are to notify your coach 12 hours prior to your session. The same policy applies to your coach as well.

How do you measure improvements?

Aside from your academic grades, you will receive a detailed summary at the end of each lesson. This will include constructive feedback, information on which content was covered, as well as any notable improvements based on your preliminary assessment. This will serve you well with elaborate progress tracking.


What do you guarantee? 

We guarantee that each student will receive the best suitable strategies based on our own professional judgment. We guarantee that she/he will be provided with progress tracking and after-school support outside of pre-developed lesson plans. We do not guarantee that students will receive a specific grade or particular outcome unless substantial efforts are evident on their part as well.