How do you operate? 

I am an independent teacher operating as a full-time tutor and content creator. Heart of Learning is not classified as a tutoring agency, but rather a business offering a variety of education-based services.

Do you offer a trial session?

Yes! Before we decide to work together, we will schedule with a 15-minute trial lesson over Zoom. This is used as a meet and greet opportunity and a time to assess each student's needs and learning style to determine suitability and best address areas for improvement.


Do you follow health & safety protocols?

Absolutely! For all in-person sessions, supplies are sanitized ahead. I wear a face mask, maintain a safe distance from each student, and have hand sanitizer made readily available as well.

What is your cancellation policy?

Should you be unable to attend a scheduled tutoring session, you are to email heartoflearning@outlook.com 12 hours prior to your session to avoid regular tuition fees. 

How do you measure improvements?

Aside from your academic grades, tutees and their parents (if applicable) receive a detailed summary at the end of each lesson. This often includes constructive feedback, information on which content was covered, and any notable improvements since the preliminary assessment. This has been a beneficial method for student progress tracking.


What do you guarantee? 

I guarantee that each student will receive the best suitable strategies based on my professional judgment. I also guarantee that that each product you have purchased has been created with attention and care. However, I do not guarantee that students will receive a specific grade or particular outcome unless substantial efforts are evident on their part as well. To reach one's goals, I believe that there must be efforts made from both sides.