Educational Service


My Background

An Academic Coach and Teacher by profession, I have earned an Honours Bachelor of Arts in English and Sociology, completed two teaching certifications, a Master's Degree in Education, and a Diploma in languages & literacy. I have been fortunate enough to also teach abroad in Cuba and Japan. Within Canada, I am familiar with public and private education systems. My goal is to incorporate all of my knowledge into the field of academic coaching in efforts to provide a unique, enjoyable, and memorable education to those in need.

What I Do

I help parents and teachers by providing academic coaching to students, helping equip them with the necessary skills to succeed. Aside from myself, I have a wonderful team consisting of student success coaches specializing in varying fields and subjects. Each of them are hand-picked by me, interviewed, supported, and monitored for quality assurance.

My Promise

I promise to provide each student with customized support throughout their learning process. Whichever struggle they are facing will be improved upon over a period of time through assessments, personalized lessons, progress tracking, relationship building, and continual support. We look to be a long-term support system for you and your family.