The Transition to Online Learning

How has the Digital Era impacted the field of education? Does our academic and career success increasingly depend on the proficiency of our technical skills?

The COVID-19 pandemic has transcended notions of traditional education, impacting both learning and instructional methods. We no longer have the previously overlooked stability of knowing our children will be in the classroom six hours a day. Our work, sleep, and leisure schedule was abruptly triggered. What will schools look like in the Fall of 2020?

Though many predictions seem uncertain, one remains undeniable -  classes will be blended or entirely virtual for the foreseeable future. Even prior to the pandemic, the Ministry of Education announced e-learning to be mandatory for all secondary students across the province. Students are therefore expected to acquire technical knowledge in order to succeed academically. Employers are seeking tech-savvy, adaptable applicants who can keep up with future trends.

While some are comfortable with never-ending change, others fear losing their sense of security.

How do you see education unraveling over the next year?